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MasterChef judge & co-presenter John Torode elects the Clapham Picturehouse cinema, Southwest London, as his favourite

John Torode
John Torode

«I am lucky that I live in Southwest London and have the great Clapham Picturehouse close by». John Torode has no doubt: that’s a really good cinema.

«There’s always a great selection of films on there, and you can even take a cold beer or a glass of wine with your popcorn into the cinema».

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Clapham Picturehouse, Southwest London
Clapham Picturehouse, Southwest London

An anlternative: Australia

However, my favourite ever cinema has to be the outdoor Summer site: Movies by Burswood, in Perth, Western Australia, which sits on the Swann River foreshore in Burswood Park. It’s warm and there’s also always a great choice of films on – perfect for taking a picnic and a rug, and to just sit and chat until the feature comes on and then to settle back on the grass in the open air and watch your favourite film.

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I do wish we had a drive-in movie[-house] in the UK; I loved that as a kid in Australia, off to the drive-in, so much fun… oh well, I can always reminisce!

Burswood, in Perth, Western Australia
Burswood, in Perth, Western Australia

John Torode’s: Chicken and Other Birds (Quadrille) is published on September 4th priced £20.

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