Arabella Weir: “I couldn’t live without the Everyman cinema, in Hampstead”Reading time: 1'


A small talk with comedy writer/performer and author, Arabella Weir. Her favourite cinema is the Everyman, in Hampstead, West London

Arabella Weir
Arabella Weir

«My favourite cinema is the Everyman, in Hampstead, West London» Arabella Weir says. She is what you may call a multitasking woman, being a comedy writer/performer and author.

«It’s very, very familiar because, in it’s old days, it was a favourite – if slightly grotty – haunt. It served up ‘important’, ‘meaningful’ films to a hungry, albeit slightly-politicised and pretentious, teenage local population».

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Now the situation has changed

But now, though, it’s a rather swishy and very comfortable theatre. It shows the same sort of films made by the people who’d caused me to worship Cinema in the first place. I mean Karel Reisz, Jack Clayton, Lindsay Anderson, Tony Richardson. But also Luis Bunuel, the Taviani brothers, Stephen Frears… and then the list runs out, doesn’t it? Only now it’s with comfy seats and filter coffee!

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Everyman, in Hampstead, West London
Everyman, in Hampstead, West London

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