Adam Hart-Davis: “The Orpheus is the best cinema I’ve ever gone”Reading time: 1'


The Orpheus in Westbury Park, Bristol, is Adam Hart-Davis favourite cinema. He still remembers the pub just in front of the entrance

Adam Hart-Davis: "The Orpheus is the best cinema I've ever gone"
Adam Hart-Davis
The Orpheus in Westbury Park, Bristol. Courtesy of The CTA Archive
The Orpheus in Westbury Park, Bristol. Courtesy of The CTA Archive

«My favourite cinema is also my local: the Orpheus in Westbury Park, Bristol – Adam Hart-Davis says. – It’s only a mile from home – so almost walkable. There’s a pub opposite and… It isn’t particularly attractive, but you can at least get a drink before or after (or even in the middle of the film if its awful. We’ve had to do this once!)»

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The pros and cons

The supermarket car park next door is freely available, and therefore convenient.

Queueing for tickets on the stairs is uncomfortable, however, and cold in winter. But I guess that’s part of the charm of the modern British fleapit.

The best film

«One of my best outings at the Orpheus was when I went to see Sense and Sensibility –  Adam says. – I was with my lover, her children, her husband, his lover, and her mother. We all sat in a row, in that order, and had a wonderful time».

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