Alan Davies: “Save my favourite cinema!”. A brief history of the WalthamstowReading time: 1'


Alan Davies, actor and comedian, feels shocked. His favourite cinema, where he spent the best years of his childhood, has become a Church

Alan Davies: "Save my favourite cinema!". A brief history of the Walthamstow
Alan Davies
The ex-EMD Cinema, Walthamstow, London E17

The ex-EMD Cinema, Walthamstow, London E17«Loughton, my home town, is a suburb on the London-Essex border. So it didn’t have a cinema – Alan Davies tells us. – The nearest one thus was the Granada Walthamstow, which was a 20-minute bus ride away. I spent many happy hours there as a child. There I saw all the film hits of the day, like Jaws, Star Wars and the [Monty] Python movies, and this early cinema-going led to my lifelong love of film».

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An unfair ending

«I felt shocked to hear of the possible demise of this beautiful Grade II*-listed building», Alan continues. Unfortunaltely the cinema was recently sold for use as a Church.

«I am annoyed with the local authority. It hasn’t done anything to help preserve this historic cinema.

In fact, its preservation as a cinema for local people is not simply a priority in the borough of Waltham Forest. It seems the protection of the area’s historic and cultural landmarks is in the wrong hands. So my request is: save this cinema!»Alan Davies: "Save my favourite cinema!". A brief history of the WalthamstowRead also: Nigel Farage’s favourite cinema.

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