Leslie Phillips: “Absolutely, my favourite cinema is the Odeon”Reading time: 1'


Another admirer for the Odeon, Leicester: after Christopher Biggins, also Leslie Phillips thinks it is his favourite cinema

Leslie Phillips
Leslie Phillips

Leslie Phillips, what’s your favourite cinema?

Actually I don’t have a regular or favourite cinema as such. But I do visit the London ones and particularly the flagship Odeon Leicester Square, which in fact I attend quite frequently. Rather than visiting for the sake of seeing a particular film, though, my visits usually will be associated with a charity or other good-cause event.

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What I particularly like about the Odeon Leicester Square is its presentation – which is so important, of course. I mean the sense of occasion it offers. Moreover, it always seems to be a well-run and looked-after cinema.

But there’s anothere celebrity that particularly appreciates the Odeon: read this.

Odeon Leicester Square
Odeon Leicester Square
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