Jimmy Osmond: “I finally fell in love with my wife in The Scera Theatre”Reading time: 1'


Jimmy Osmond is particularly fond of the Scera Theatre: that’s where he understood he wanted to marry his girlfriend

Jimmy Osmond
Jimmy Osmond
The SCERA: 745 South State Street, Orem, UT
The SCERA: 745 South State Street, Orem, UT

Jimmy Osmond, what’s you favourite cinema?

There is a little movie theater called The SCERA Theatre that I particularly liked. It’s out on South State Street in Orem, just south of Salt Lake City, in Utah. I would go there to escape the crazy pace of my life. They also make the best thick chocolate almond shakes ever: old-style and hand-dipped.

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Which films did you see there?

I took my girlfriend there and we watched a movie: Disney’s The Little Mermaid. It later became our movie – afterwards, she’d even nicknamed my Mercedes convertible: ‘Flounder’. That’s when and where I knew I wanted to marry her. We are now celebrating our 25th anniversary, so that is why that little theater, The SCERA, is still my all-time favorite.

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I have since learned that it’s not always ‘just about the latest and greatest’… it’s sometimes more about a place that means something to you.



SCERA: Sharon’s Cultural, Educational, Recreational Association and known today as SCERA Center for the Arts

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