Ken Russell: “My favourite cinema is the Harbour Lights in Southampton”Reading time: 1'


Veteran Film Director, Ken Russell speaks about his favourite cinema: “I love the surrounding scenery and the films they show”

Ken Russell
Ken Russell
The Harbour Lights, Southampton, is Ken Russell's favourite cinema
The Harbour Lights, Southampton

My favourite cinema is the Harbour Lights in Southampton in Hampshire. The main reason is that they show a whole mix of films including lots of independent and classics, as well as experimental fare, and of course the major releases.

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I teach at Solent University, nearby, and my students use the Harbour Lights for both previewing and showcasing their work. But I’m fond of the Harbour Lights for other reasons, too. Being in a harbour setting, the surrounding scenery is little short of amazing. Plus, it’s true, I also love the café… and the bar!

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