Nick Owen: “The Rex cinema was the scene of my first kiss”Reading time: 1'


BBC Midlands Today anchorman, also presenter & chat show host, Nick Owen, says he loves the Rex Cinema in Berkhamsted, Herts.

Nick Owen
Nick Owen

«The Rex Cinema in Berkhamsted, Herts., was the scene of my first kiss – Nick Owen reveals. – I was sitting in the back row watching the Elvis Presley film Kid Galahad with my first girlfriend Philippa. She was 5’5” and I was 5’3” but, even then, size didn’t matter!

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I slowly plucked up courage to put my arm around her shoulder. Then, I went inexorably to that first, momentous and historic kiss. It was like being plugged into an electric socket! What a buzz that I’ll never forget».

The most beautiful cinema in the land

The cinema itself was an interesting Art Deco building. So unusual was it that it’s been the subject of a long-running battle to save it. It has now been preserved as a cinema, amongst other things, and was recently described as ‘possibly the most beautiful cinema in the land’. For me as a youngster, it was just about the only place for entertainment in my small hometown, within walking-distance of home and, to this day, remains jam-packed with wonderful memories.

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The Rex Cinema in Berkhamsted, Herts.
The Rex Cinema in Berkhamsted, Herts.
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