Sir Teddy Taylor: “My favourite cinema is Odeon Southend, at Victoria Circus”Reading time: 2'


Sir Teddy Taylor loves the Odeon Southend Cinema, at Victoria Circus. But his job often prevents him from going there

Sir Teddy Taylor:
Sir Teddy Taylor

Sir Teddy Taylor, MP for Rochford & Southend East, loves the Odeon Southend Cinema, at Victoria Circus. Here he explains why he does.

«My favourite cinema is also my local, of course: the Odeon Southend at Victoria Circus. Conveniently situated at the top of the high street just off the main shopping centre and in a nice part of town too. It is very much a new cinema, purpose-built in November 1996 as an eight-screen multiplex».

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What do I like about the Odeon Southend?

I find it very tidy, offers good service. What I also particularly like is the fact that when we do go there, its generally middleclass audience always seems so well-behaved!

As a boy growing up in Glasgow, my local cinema was the Toledo, whose packed-out screenings I would naturally attend every Saturday morning. It’s true this was probably less of a ritual than a religion!

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My job prevents me from going to movie theatres

Today, however, it is mainly time constraints that prevent more visits to the pictures since – as is no doubt well-known – MP’s schedules can be really packed. Often we won’t finish until 7pm, nor get home until 9pm. Then the weekends can be similarly packed with speaking and other necessary engagements.

My opinion on films

I think the standard of both films and cinemas is so very high today. Since it is so rare to see a bad film, I don’t know how they maintain this standard.

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Among my preferred genres include older-fashioned historical features and period dramas. Perhaps I’m being optimistic, but it’d be lovely to see some [Bernard] Shaw – as well as those featuring battles scenes and other, similar conflicts. Gladiator is among my more recent favourites I’d watched at the Odeon Southend.

Odeon Southend at Victoria Circus
Odeon Southend at Victoria Circus
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