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The collaboration between Infiniti Yachts, Dynamic Stability System (DSS) and Farr Yacht Design has produced the Infiniti 53R. Thanks to DSS technology, it will have 20% faster reaching speeds.

The fruit of a decade of R&D, the DSS is the brainchild of Hugh Welbourn and features a retractable horizontal foil that deploys to leeward complementing the fixed keel and creating lift.

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This in turn creates righting moment, boosting performance and comfort. Welbourn’s system has helped, amongst others, the maxi Wild Oats XI take the last two of her seven Rolex Sydney Hobart Race victories.

Bruce Farr pens the new Dynamic Stability Systemsporting Infiniti 53R
Bruce Farr pens the new Dynamic Stability Systemsporting Infiniti 53R

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