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Philippe Briand is man responsible for the WallyCento due to build at the Persico Marine facility in Savona. Briand and his team carried out extensive indepth CFD analysis and VPP computations on all aspects of the new craft.

This not only produced several iterations of the hull form but also ultimately resulted in a lower free board and narrower beam than the previous craft in the class WallyCento of Wally. The new WallyCento weighs in at 2 tons less than the upper limit dictated by class rules ypp and is mooted to be 20 seconds faster over a mile than Magic Carpet3.

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The weight reduction is partly the product of a new roller coaster wave form for the teak decking, once again dictated by the class rules to maintain the Wally fleet’s elegant looks.

Narrower, lighter and faster: the new WallyCento designed by Philippe Briand
Narrower, lighter and faster: the new WallyCento designed by Philippe Briand

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